Axial Fan

UVT provides ventilation fans for underground construction with a maximum diameter of 2m, a maximum air volume of 140m /s and a maximum pressure of 20000Pa.

Technical features and advantages



UVT fan adopts high strength aluminum alloy blade. The blade design aims at the application of extra long and extra large cross-section to realize the balance between dynamic efficiency and structural design. The unique clamping mode of impeller can ensure the safety of weather and life cycle, and realize the optimal scheme of ensuring performance and reducing cost.


-Mechanical properties

UVT adopts unique whole machine balancing technology to make the whole machine balancing level reach G1. The radial clearance of axial fan is less than 3mm. The fan uses special frequency conversion motor and bearing. The UVT fan can work for 40000-100000 hours without fault, which is 5 times as long as that of ordinary fan, which ensures the continuity of operation and greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost and comprehensive loss caused by failure.


-Frequency conversion box

Double track door design is adopted to keep operators away from strong current and ensure operation safety. The frequency converter box is equipped with overload, short circuit, phase loss protection, surge protection and lightning protection surge protector. The experience of hundreds of large-scale projects shows that the fan can operate at the speed below 50%; when the speed reaches half of the rated speed, the fan power is only 12.5% of the rated power, which can save a lot of energy.


-Sound attenuation and shock absorption

The design of the fan takes into account aerodynamics. Advanced noise reduction and damping technology is adopted to effectively reduce the noise of the fan.


Application industry

Underground space construction

Underground space operation