Oxygen Generator

Technical features and advantages

UVT oxygen plant is developed based on the principle of vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA). It is composed of blower, vacuum pump, adsorption tower, buffer tank, valve, instrument and control system.

Skid-mounted Oxygen Generation SystemBased on advanced technology and abundant engineering experience, UVT has developed a small and medium-sized modular VPSA oxygen generation unit - skid-mounted oxygen generator, which has obvious advantages of high reliability, more stability and lower energy consumption.Generally, it is suitable for oxygen generation unit not more than 500 Nm_/h. It is assembled as a whole and does not need field installation. It is the best choice to replace oxygen in liquid tank bottle.It can be used in water treatment, pulp bleaching, flue gas denitrification, medical treatment, aquaculture and other fields.



-Modular Integration Technology

Advanced skid mounting design method and modular design concept are adopted, which makes our oxygen generation device more compact, convenient for moving.


-Low operation and maintenance costs

Power consumption per unit of oxygen is as low as 0.3kWh/Nm3. Annual comprehensive operation and maintenance cost saves more than 50% compared with common oxygen generator or bottled liquid oxygen.


-Highly Automated and Intelligent

Use highly automated process flow and intelligent operation and maintenance, remote operation of computer/cell phone, automatic alarm of abnormal equipment.


Complete Oxygen Production ProjectBased on high-efficiency adsorbent, the VPSA package technology was developed by UVT. Meanwhile, the unique air distributor design technology was adopted to solve the difficult problem of uniform air distribution in large diameter adsorption tower and realize the large-scale oxygen generation unit.



With deep understanding of oxygen generation, our outstanding team are ready to offer unique services in energy consumption, safety and reliability. Dozens of VPSA oxygen generation system projects have been built and fully equipped with turnkey engineering capabilities.