According to the characteristics of high humidity and very fine particle size of dust in underground engineering, UVT has specially developed dry dust removal technology suitable for dust control in underground engineering.

Technical features and advantages

-Full Functions and Intelligent Operation

With the functions of filtering dirty air, self-cleaning filtering material and dust transfer, the automatic structure design is combined with intelligence to realize the unattended operation of equipment operation.

-Low operating cost

No consumables design concept, high-molecular microporous material is used as filter material, which can achieve no need to replace filter material in five years under high humidity and high concentration dust conditions, and the operating cost is extremely low in the whole life cycle.

-Equipment Walking

Equipment is designed with ski structure and can be driven to walk in tunnel; equipment is placed on vehicle and driven by power; casters are set on the base to drive through casters.

-High Endurance

The equipment can withstand high humidity dust environment, high concentration dust environment and sticky dust environment.

-High Filtering Precision

The equipment can effectively handle dust with particle size larger than 0.2um, and the minimum emission concentration can reach 0.2mg/m, which can meet the environmental protection requirements.

-Explosion-proof Design (optional)

Explosion-proof structure design, suitable for flammable and explosive dust environment.